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When you go to sleep your soul walks around that is why you have dreams.once when you fall asleep your body still works.When you fall asleep it gves a chance of you soul to walk around and be litle free.once whe your sou starts walking around and does stuff or sees stuff it comes in your head because you and yur soul ar still conected THIS IS TH TRUTH

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Q: Where do your souls go when you sleep?
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Where do souls go that cant go to hell or heaven?

those few souls would go to purgatory

Can souls travel through time to another body?

no the bible states that when you die the soul is conscience of nothing at all we go out like a candle and sleep in death

And now from the Vast of the Lord will the waters of sleep Roll in on the souls of men?

Sidney Lanier

Where souls go after death?

In Greek times they believed that souls went to the underworld

What does death is an eternal sleep mean?

The body sleeps. The soul is in heaven or hell waiting for the resurrection. The souls in heaven will have eternal life. The souls in hell have eternal death.

Where do the souls go in The Book Thief?

Death doesn't explain. He only says that "he takes the souls". He never says where they go.

Is the Greek underworld hell?

No the Greek underworld is not hell because it has a certain place where the souls of good people go where as hell is a place where unsaved bad souls go, although there is a spot in the underworld were bad souls do go.

Why when you go to sleep you forget to go to sleep?

you don't go to sleep

What is the purpose of the underworld?

the purpose of the underworld is were all dead souls go, and evil people's souls are punished.

Where do Mexicans go on All Souls Day?

All Souls Day is also called "Day of the Dead". The Mexicans go to cemeteries to celebrate their dead.

What technique was used in the last judgment?

The end of the world is happening and all the souls wil be sorted out; the holy, (I'm eleven) pulchritudinous (beautiful) souls will go to heaven; the wretched, demon, unbeleiving souls go to hell.

Where do unburied souls go?

Some believe they wander the earth; others say souls go to heaven or hell regardless of burial or cremation. A purely secular view is that souls are a figment of imagination and that death is truly the end.