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A synthetic drug is one that is created in a lab by a chemist in which the synthesized drug still contains a narcotic, such as opium, which would "synthesize" prescription medication such as oxycodone or codeine.

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Some are synthesized in the lab. Some are naturally occuring.

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Drugs are mostly based on plants. Illegal drugs are mainly from Latin America, transported through US borders with Mexico.

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Synthetic drugs are man-made. The original material can be natural or another man-made substance.

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Q: Where do most drugs come from?
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it comes from the Dutch word droog, which means dry because most drugs (medicines) came from dried plants.

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Are herbal remedies considered as drugs?

Simply, a drug is a chemical absorbed into the body, to alter normal body function. Commercial drugs, illegal narcotics, legal non-medicinal drugs (caffeine, nicotine) and herbal remedies all have one thing in common, the chemicals inside them are meant to affect a person's body functions. They are all 'drugs'. Yes that is right, they are all drugs, most come from herbs, roots and various weeds. Everyone using herbal remdies should be aware of the effects that aren't avertised. Prescripiton drugs are man-made, but most come from good old nature.

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