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Don't have an answer, but my theory is funny!

A guy went into see with out glasses saw a manati, but thought he saw a half woman half fish... Maybe he was thinking on the girl he could never have. Well there you go! ( I know not funny, but w/e)

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Q: Where did the rumors of mermaids start?
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How do you start rumor?

Rumors can start by someone being jelouse or just hating someone and wanting to humiliate someone. Rumors dont help anyone. Sometimes we start rumors with out knowing.

How did the rumors about mermaids start?

People Start Rumors By ,. Thinking Stuff And Spreding It ArOund But They DOnt Really Realize How Stupid And Quick It Spreds And While Other Are WOrrying And Thinking Its True ,. While Others Are Trying To Figure Out If It Is True ,. SOo Take My Edvise And Belive Me Its NOt True ! ! X

Where do myths and legend about mermaids start?

well mermaids we all know are half human half fish so a body is formed in the sea by fish

Mermaids names that start with A?

Airel,Arigur,Amerigir.Sorry tis is the only ones i can think..

Where did the vampire rumors start?

They're not rumours, they're myths.

Are there real mermaid spells that don't start with insouciant inclemency or magic spirits of the deep?

There are no spells nor mermaids. No matter what they start with.

Does the movie Mermaids have anything to do with actual mermaids?

There are no actual mermaids...

Is Justin Bieber caniadian?

no people just say that to start rumors

Where are mermaids mostly located?

Mermaids are mythical creatures which are half fish and half human. Depending on the story they live in different parts of the ocean. Usually they claim they live in the deepest part of the ocean or lagoons.

What areas do mermaids live in?

mermaids livge in the ocean there for mermaids are real

Is there a spell for mermaids?

No. Mermaids are not real and there are no spells to make people into mermaids.

What percent of rumors are true?

well... it depends on what kind of rumor it is people make rumors just to start a fight or maybe they think i would be fun