Where did Mary Kay Ash grow up?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen grew up in Sherman Oaks, California, in the San Fernando Valley.


Mary Kay Ash, 1918-2001, was born in Hot Wells, TX. She went to high school in Houston and attended the University of Houston. She married and had three children and worked for Stanley Home Products in sales. In 1963, she quit the Stanley company when she was passed over for promotion for a man that she had trained. She decided to write a book for women in the business world, which turned into a business plan. So, in September 1963, she and her husband, with a $5000 investment, started the Mary Kay Cosmetic in a storefront. Her company became very successful, and became famous when she began giving her top saleswomen their own pink Cadillacs.

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Q: Where did Mary Kay Ash grow up?
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She was a very creative girl. She lived with only her mother. She looked up to her mom, thats where she got the beauty from.

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She was a very creative girl. She lived with only her mother. She looked up to her mom, that's where she got the beauty from.

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