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The Cinemax schedule can be viewed on either your cable provider's TV guide or online via the Cinemax website. When viewed online, the schedule can be sorted by both channel (MAX East, MAX West, etc.) and time (Primetime, Morning, etc.).

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Q: Where can you view the Cinemax schedule?
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When was Cinemax created?

Cinemax was created in 1980.

Who owns cinemax?

Cinemax (and HBO) are owned by Time Warner.

What distinguishes Cinemax's 'After Dark' programming from its' usual fare?

After Dark on Cinemax is a programming block that focuses on adult oriented entertainment. Many of the series featured within this block are exclusive to Cinemax.

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yes you can at google

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It is Benevolence... The New Man

Which Cinemax shows are the most popular?

Above the most popular Cinemax shows are "Game of Thrones", "Dexter", and "Spartacus". "Boardwalk Empire", "Shameless", and "Strikeback" are another few.