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You can learn about the structure of the human skeleton in almost any health professional care class in both high schools or universities also if your doctor is not busy he or she may be able to answer any question you may have.

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Google human skeleton pictures. It shows you the types of the body and some x-rays!

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Q: Where can you see a human skeleton?
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Which human does not have skeleton?

No human is there who dosen't have a skeleton.

What is the difference between a human skeleton and a dog's skeleton?

You get a human skeleton from a human (Homo sapiens sapiens), and you get a dog skeleton from a dog (Canis lupus familiaris).

How many skeleton does a human have?

An adult human typically has 206 bones in their skeleton, including the bones in the skull, spine, ribs, arms, and legs. This number can vary slightly among individuals due to differences in bone fusion.

Is the human skeleton is an internal skeleton?

Yes it is.

Is the human skeleton and endo skeleton or exoskeleton?


What is the difference between a human skeleton and a pongidae's skeleton?


What does a human skeleton have in common with a horse skeleton?

they both have bones!

Is the human skeleton external skeleton?

No, we have our bones inside our bodies.

What is a human bone structure?

A human skeleton.

What is a human structure called?

A human skeleton.

What is the name part of the human skeleton which products your brain?

The part of the human skeleton that products your brain is your skull.

What is the bony frame work of the human body called?

It is known as the skeleton.