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I got one in a CVS pharmacy. If its not on the shelf ask the pharmacist.

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Q: Where can you purchase ichthammol salve?
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Does the ichthammol ointment salve draw out cyst?

It is true that the ichthammol ointment salve draw out cyst.

Ichtammol and black salve are the same?

Yes. black salve is another name for the word Ichthammol.

Where can I purchase Herbal Chickweed Comfrey Salve?

It is made by an Amish community in Texas.

What can be used on a small septic wound without a prescription to draw out pus?

If you have a fever, the area around the wound is an angry red (more than a dark pink or simple red), or you are having serious pain see a doctor.If it's on an area like a hand where you can, soak the entire area in a hot salt water solution. If not, try putting a hot compress on it. Soak the cloth with hot salt water. Do this several times a day.At the drugstore you can get a "drawing salve" that will draw boils and infections to a head fairly quickly. Look for the active ingredient ichthammol or ichthyolin the ointment. Some have ichthammol in the name. CVS has one named 'Ichthammol Ointment'

Where might one go to purchase rosebud salve?

One will find quite a few places to purchase rosebud salve. Some of these online websites include: Amazon, drugstore, Urban Outfitters, Makeup Alley, Maryland Delivered, and eBay.

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