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nowhere need a prescription

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Q: Where can you purchase Fluocinonide without a prescription?
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Can you purchase nor-co without a prescription?


Can Costco coupons be used to purchase prescription drugs?

No most of the coupons you get from Costco cannot be used to purchase prescription drugs. You will have to purchase these drugs without a coupon.

Is it legal to buy Adderall without a prescription?

In the United States it is against the law to purchase controlled substances, such as Adderall, without a prescription.

Where can one purchase colored contacts without a prescription?

When wishing to purchase coloured contact lenses without a prescription it may be possible to find suitable ones online. Such sites as Coloured Contacts and Eyes Brights sell coloured lenses without the need for a prescription on their websites.

Can you order prescription drugs on line without a prescription?

No, not legally. Depending on your purchase, this could be a felony, and very traceable.

Can you buy albuterol without prescription?

No, you cannot currently purchase albuterol without a prescription unless your country has loopholes allowing you to import it for personal use. It is a prescription only medication in most parts of the world. However, you can legally purchase epinephrine over the counter in the US.

Can you uy hydrocodone online without a prescription?

No. You can purchase the hydrocodone without a prescription from people with NO ETHICS, MORALS & COMMON SENSE... To purchase ANY controlled narcotic without a prescription from your doctor is ILLEGAL IN THE USA and A FELONY that carries a heavy sentence.If you are in need of hydrocodone please seek the advise of your doctor be it for a (genuine as needed) prescription or addiction treatment options.

Can fluocinonide be used for ringworms?

can fluocinonide be used for ringworm

Can you buy pain killers without a prescription?

It is against the law to sell or buy prescription drugs without a prescription. Over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol and Aspirin are available at any corner drug store. you can try Chemistsworld Online Pharmacy for OTC Products & Medicines.

Where can you get syringes without a prescription in corona ca?

Pharmacies sell them behind the counter. In California, you can legally purchase up to three a day without a prescription. You will have to have your purchased logged electronically to enforce the maximum of three.

Can you get subjoin without prescription?

can you get subjoin without a prescription

Is it legal to purchase percocet over the internet with out a prescription?

Of course not. Prescription drugs are controlled and as such must be properly dispensed. To sell or give them to someone else without a prescription and a license to do so is a violation of the Federal laws.

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