Where can you hear 528 Hz?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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I'm a born-again Christian, and if that offends anyone - "oh well!". But to answer your question, you can listen to supposed 528 Hz recordings here at:

_ (I put an underscore in front of this URL in case URLs get stripped out at this site)

Turn up the volume, and you'll hear the 528Hz music. Now a warning: the New Agers are BIG TIME into this stuff - but I say: the Lord God has created these things for our edification - and music does contribute to health - David played for King Saul to alleve his ailments in the Old Testament - just be aware - that's all I have to say!

May the Lord Jesus bless and protect you.

- Jeff in Tx

p.s. tune your guitar to this 528 frequency

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Q: Where can you hear 528 Hz?
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What are the release dates for 528 hz - 2012?

528 hz - 2012 was released on: USA: 5 October 2012 (Louisiana Film Prize Festival)

Can the frequency 528 Hz really repair human DNA as some scientists say?

While it has not been proven completely true, it is found that 528 Hz at least resonates with human DNA and causes it to unwind. Some common 528 Hz sounds include Sanskrit chants.

If a string vibrates at the fundamental frequency of 528 Hz and also produces an overtone with a frequency of 1056 Hz this overtone is the?

The fundamental = 1st harmonic is not an overtone!Fundamental frequency = 1st harmonic = 528 Hz.2nd harmonic = 1st overtone = 1056 HzLook at the link: "Calculations of Harmonics from FundamentalFrequency".

When a string vibrates at the fundamental frequency of 528 hz and also produces an overtone with a frequency of 1056 hz this overtone is the?

Second Harmonic

What frequencies of sound can humans hear?

typically 20-20000 Hz - but this range will decrease with age

What actors and actresses appeared in 528 hz - 2012?

The cast of 528 hz - 2012 includes: Zack Cassel as Bar Patron Amber Dawn Landrum as Beautiful Girl Jeremy Spring as Bartender Lorna Street Dopson as Sister

What is the hearing frequency range of giraffe in kiloHertz?

Giraffes can hear below 20 Hz to about 10 Hz. To communicate they can hum below 20 Hz but they often hum at around 90 Hz which humans can still hear.

How sensitive is a dog's hearing?

Humans can hear approximately 64-23,000 Hz sounds, dogs hear about 67-45,000 Hz sounds.

What is 528 Hz?

it is 528 cycles of high and low density per second, existing in anything, it could be super fast cars passing through an intersection in uniform alternating patterns

How do dogs hear?

They can hear low sounds about as well as humans (40 Hz, compared to our 20 Hz), and can hear sounds that are a quite a bit higher (60,000 Hz, compared to our 20,000 Hz). They are more sensitive to loud sounds - loud noises that humans can tolerate may be painful to dogs. The flipside of this is that they can hear sounds that are 4 times farther away.

Can humans hear the sounds from elephants under normal circumstances. Why or why not?

No, because the frequencies that the average human ear can hear is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

What frequencies of sound can people normally hear?

20 Hz to 20,000 hz is the recognized range.