Where can you get CieAura Products?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A Google search of CieAura Pain Chips will reveal a list of websites with further information, including purchasing options.

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Q: Where can you get CieAura Products?
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What is cieaura?

CieAura, is a wellness company that has a product line helping people reduce and eliminate PAIN, Get a better nights SLEEP and have more ENERGY.*These products do not diagnose, prevent, heal, treat or cure any disease or injury.

What is the stock symbol for cieaura?

CieAura, LLC does not have a stock symbol. This is a privately owned company as of August 2014. The current CEO is Paul Rogers.

Do cieaura patches really work?

Opinions vary. Some people feel that CieAura patches are very effective, while other don't.

Do the newly claimed holographic cieaura patches give you energy and help you sleep?

Holographic CieAura Chips/PatchesHolographic CieAura Chips are tiny stickers that you place on strategic areas of the body to reduce pain, restore energy and aid in sleep. (They are non transdermal; as in nothing enters the body).There are many differing opinions as to whether these patches work. The makers claim the CieAura Chips are a homeopathic remedy used to boost the immune system. They work by reacting with a person's (or animal's) natural bio-magnetic field.The FDA has not backed these statements.There are 3 chips available:the Pain Chipthe Sleep Chipthe Energy ChipMany customers call the Chips a scam/product that doesn't work, while others claim they see great results and feel much better after using the product.Click on the Discussion button below to add your experience/comments regarding CieAura Chips.

What are opinions on CieAura?

I now have countless stories of people that have gotten out of pain from CieAura Pain Chips. Dozens of friends that are sleeping better than ever, and enjoying their lives with more energy. I suffered from Rotator Cuff pain for three months, It took away the pain in 1/2 hour. (That's why I began marketing these Pain Chips ) Most importantly, It took away my moms Fibromyalgia pain in less that 24 hours. Here are some reviews:

The cieaura holographic patches would help with gastritis pain?

Some say it has already been proven that the chips/patches don't do anything but reflect light, nothing more. Some people who have used them claim they have gotten relief from certain types of pain.

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