Where can you donate crutches?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Salvation Army will take them and money for the sale goes to the charity.

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Q: Where can you donate crutches?
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How much money did 50 cent donate to charity?

50 cent shot me once but then promptly apologized and gave me crutches and paid for my medical bill.

How do you say crutches in French?

crutches are 'des béquilles' in French.

How do you get crutches without the help of anyone?

Call any Church for help. They will bring you some from a charity shop, or ask someone to donate them . Almost everyone has some stashed somewhere if they have kids or athletes in the family.

How do you create american girl doll crutches in your house crutches?

Sorry but you can't

Irritated a nerve around breast using crutches?

The proper way to use crutches is to place your weight on your hands, not under your arms. Crutches should be adjusted so that when you are using them, there is space between your armpit and the top of the crutches. If you are already using the crutches correctly yet you still have an irritated nerve you can try different crutches that wrap around your forearms, or use a walker or wheelchair.

How do you fake injuring your knee do that the doctor gives you crutches?

Put on an Ace bandage, buy your crutches and voila! I understand though, that walking and living with crutches is no picnic for the shoulders.

Are crutches fun?


Should you use crutches if you hurt a muscle in your thigh?

that would depend how damaged it is if it is very damaged you would need the crutches, and if it is not that damaged then you wont need it, but it will get worse without crutches

How many people use crutches?

millions of people use crutches millions and millions by chris Adams

Can a baby use crutches?


Can you get crutches on club penguin?


Where are crutches sold?