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Shouldn't the question be, why do you need underarm sweat pads? Try talc powder or you can buy deoderant from chemists for excessive sweating.

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Q: Where can you buy underarm sweat pads?
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What is the Gland found in underarm or groin?

The gland found in the underarm or groin is called the apocrine gland. These glands produce a thicker secretion compared to eccrine glands, and their secretions can mix with bacteria on the skin to produce body odor.

Does scrubing your underarms with a facial scrub reduce sweat?

No. Just underarm hair.

Aliens attacked Fishing Boat in Washington Wee Wee?

It was keaking underarm sweat

Why do dogs sweat through their pads?

Dogs sweat through their pads and their mouths. This is because a dog does not have sweat glands anywhere else. That is why when a dog is hot it will sweat a lot and stand in water, because that will cool is down.

Is it bad to sweat more than other girls?

Everyone is different some sweat more than others some don't sweat some after gym has theirs underarm area wet.You should not laugh at them cause your day will come and you will be shy in gym not wanting to do something cause your underarm area is wet. I hope this helps u

Are dogs paw pads used to sweat?

Yes, they expel heat through their paw pads.

What animal produces sweat in anger?

Humans! But cats will "sweat" on the pads of their paws. got to go

Does Walmart sell sweat ex pads?


Does smelling underarm of wife makes sex feeling strong?

Everyone's preferences are different, but for many people, intimate moments can be enhanced by various stimuli including scents. If both partners enjoy the smell of each other's natural body odor, it can add to the overall attraction and intimacy in the moment. However, it's important to communicate openly with your partner and prioritize mutual comfort and consent in any intimate situation.

Do wolves sweat through their tongues?

They sweat only through their pads. Other than that, they stick their tongues out and pant.Wolves pant if they get too hot, but according to scientists, the only sweating they can do is through their foot pads.

Where do cats sweat come from?

Cats sweat from the pads on their feet. They are unable to sweat elsewhere.

Do dogs have pads on their feet?

Yes, their feet are called "paws" which are thick pad like. Dogs sweat through these pads and they provide protection.