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I have been using B12 for a few years now for chronic fatigue and also from the fact I am a Vegatarian. I have tried many sites and so far the best has been The price is as good as anywhere, but the extra information the customer services gave me about my condition was very helpful. Product always shows up quickly.

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You can buy vitamin B-12 almost anywhere. Most multivitamins will have B-12 in them, as will just B-12 vitamin pills. You can get them at the pharmacy, your grocery store, department store or health food store. You can also order them online from thousands of retailers (see related links for the link to high quality vitamin b-12 transdermal patches you can order online - much more effective than pills).

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Nascobal is a prescription B-12 nasal spray, most pharmacies can order it. Not aware of any other B-12 nasal sprays.

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All drug stores.

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Q: Where can you buy b12 nasal spray?
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A company called SiCap makes the Sinus BUster brand of nasal spray. This nasal spray available over the counter in the USA, and used to reduce nasal congestion, sinus pressure and headaches due to sinuses.

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