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There are various places one can find other lonely people. Sometimes lonely people may go to bars to drink. A Lonely Life Forum is also a place where lonely people can find each other and talk online.

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Q: Where can someone find other lonely people?
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What could you do to improve the life of a client who is lonely?

There are a remarkable number of lonely people in the world. They need to find each other. The internet is the most promising tool for finding people. You can advise or assist your client to find some compatible person to socialize with.

Where can a lonely guy find a lonely girl?

in a library

Where can lonely married women find a group of activities enjoy by other women?

Lonely married women can find a group of activities to be enjoyed by other women at a local coffee shop. Many cafes will have a variety of activities for women to attend.

Why a person is charming to someone else?

Some people may find things that are charming about a person when other people don't find it charming.

Can someone help you find a game its about a lonely man trying to get to the door and met a girl named Catherine?

Company of Myself

Where does someone find lonely older women looking for a good time?

Bookstores, sushi bars and live music shows

Why would someone call a person they love to find them after they committed suicide?

they do that because they feel lonely so they call the one person they have feelings for to find them or rescue them

Can you face other people with the Pokewalker in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can just find someone else with a pokewalker

Does a fish get lonely if there is only one?

Fish are not social animals in the same way as mammals, so they do not necessarily require companionship to avoid loneliness. However, some fish species may exhibit more active and social behaviors when kept in groups, which can lead to improved overall well-being. Providing enrichment such as hiding spots and appropriate tank decorations can help keep a single fish stimulated and happy.

Why are some people not happy if they are not in a intimate relationship?

My theory is that people like that aren't happy with themselves in general. They haven't learned to love themselves and enjoy just being with themselves. And when they finally do find someone to be with, they really aren't "happy" with the relationship, either. People like that find it easy to be suspicious, jealous and insecure within the relationship, always fearing that their partner will leave them and they'll be lonely again. But there's a difference between being alone and lonely and that difference is in loving themselves.

Where can one find Lonely Planet guides?

There are many places where one would be able to find guides to Lonely Planet. One would be able to find guides by check the official Lonely Planet website.

Is it a good idea to get back with an ex because you feel lonely but yet you don't really care about them?

no, that's a horrible idea, you need to find someone that you want to be with and someone you do care for, or your not going to be happy, and the other persons not going to be happy either and it wont work out for either of you at all.