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There are a number of places where one could find a high deductible health insurance plan. Some businesses that offer high deductible health insurance plans include Aetna and United Healthcare.

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Q: Where can one find a high deductible health insurance plan?
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What does HDHI stand for on a credit report?

What does HDHI stand for on Credit Report

What does hdhp mean?

It could stand for "Hippie Dan's Hewlett Packard. But, since this question is in the insurance section of, you are probably looking for "high deductible health policy" A high-deductible health plan (HDHP) is a health insurance plan with lower premiums and higher deductibles than a traditional health plan. Participating in a "qualified" HDHP is a requirement for health savings accounts and other tax-advantaged programs. High-deductible health plan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (21 December 2009) http:/enzperiodzwikipediazperiodzorg/wiki/Highzhyphenzdeductible_health_plan http:/snipurlzperiodzcom/tsjnn

Where do you find good Denver health insurance?

Using an online health insurance broker with high-quality credentials is a great way to find good Denver health insurance.

How does someone become eligible for an HSA in the United States?

In order to qualify for a HSA in the United States, a person interesting must be a part of a health plan with a high deductible, which is health insurance coverage that does not cover members until they meet their costly deductible.

What is a high deductible health insurance policy?

High deductible health plans are part of a trend toward "consumer driven health care", which emphasizes more custom-built policies and flexibility in health care financing. A high deductible health insurance policy is one in which the individual or family deductible (depending upon the nature of the policy) is, generically, substantially higher than in the typical health insurance policy. The "deductible" is the amount of money that the insured has to pay from his/her own funds before the insurer's obligation to pay is triggered. In such a policy, it is not unusual to see a deductible of several thousand dollars. This sort of policy is often paired with a health savings account (HSA), An HSA permits the participant to set aside a stated amount of money per year, up to a statutory maximum to be used toward health care expenses (such as meeting the deductible and co-payments of the insurance policy). The funds that are set aside get tax advantaged treatment. If all are not used for approved medical purposes during the year, the remaining funds can be carried over and used in future years when expenses may be higher.

Does HCF Health Insurance offer low cost health insurance for low income families?

"HCF has several policies available to choose from, from low cost to more costly. Insurance for low income families is available, however, the deductible will be quite high."

What are my options for Low Deductible Insurance?

A low deductible insurance policy simply means that, a low deductible, possibly $200 as compared to $2,000 which would be a high deductible. Often you are also given the option of choosing 80, 90 or 100% co-insurance. Co-insurance is the amount that the insurance company pays (after deductible) up to whatever is the maximum out of pocket amount.

Where can one find information on high deductible health plans?

When searcing for high deductible health plans, one could ask for recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors. Also doing research on line comparing prices with well know companies is benficial.

What is the normal deductible for bodily injury liability car insurance?

The deductible for bodily injury liability car insurance depends upon what you select. The deductible portion is not covered by the insurance policy and thus high deductible policies have a lower premium. Car insurance requirements also vary from state to state.

What is a medical savings account?

are not health insurance plans in the strict sense, but offer a partial alternative to expensive individual private insurance plans.are similar to Individual Retirement Accounts.must be combined with a qualified high-deductible private health plan

Which of these will not cause your insurance premium to be higher?

Having a high deductible will not cause your insurance premium to be higher.

Where can one find more information about high risk health insurance?

NAHU website offers detailed information about high risk health insurance. It is also explained what are high-risk pools and how they work. NAHU represents licensed health insurance agents et al.