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I have a lot of Box's of medical supplies . And I would like to Donate. Is there a number I can call. I live in Sacramento. Cassandra Cronan

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Q: Where can I donate used medical supplies in Sacramento Ca area?
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Where can you donate medical supplies?

Yes, there are some people who are looking to donate the medical supplies. You can even find them always discussing about donations.

Where can you donate used medical supplies in the Tampa Bay area?

You can donate medical supplies and equipment to Advocates for World Health (AWH) . AWH is a Tampa-based nonprofit organization that recovers surplus medical products in the United States and redistributes those medical products to under-served healthcare providers overseas.

Where can you donate unused medical supplies in the New Orleans area?

The Afya Foundation: Supplies for Life accepts donations of unused medical and humanitarian supplies, in addition to durable medical equipment (eg wheelchairs, walkers, canes). All donated supplies are shipped to Haiti and African nations to support health centers abroad. For further information:

What is different between Area manager and Medical representative?

An area manager is someone who has spent time as a medical representative and has now been promoted to a supervisor role. A medical representative sells medical supplies.

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contact your county office for elderly; sometimes called area ageing office, listed under government in the phone book.

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