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God will take care of you, not people. Never put your faith and hope in man or you could be greatly disappointed. God loves you and will provide your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus. Be blessed :)

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Q: Where are the people from God that are to take care of you?
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Should people leave their problems for the god to take care?

Yes leave it to God as he is our creator.

If your mother dies do you have the right to take in your younger siblings?

no not your younger siblings your mother picks people to take care of you wich is called a god mother and god father.

Should you worry about weird things?

no there is nothing weird. Take care of your day and God will take care of you.

How does people take care of scoliosis?

people take care of scoliosis by excersing

How do you say until we meet again take care and god bless you?

In English, "Until we meet again, take care and God bless you."

What role do sadhus play in Hinduism?

Sadhus are saints of Hinduism. They spread the message of god among people AND take care of the religious belief and Sacred Texts. They also take care of poor and needy.

How Maya people take care of their children?

how Maya people take care of their children

Why do RSPCA think their issue is important?

because not all of realise that how important it is for people to look after god's creation and take care of the world.

Who were the only people allowed inside ziggurats?

The people allowed inside ziggurats were the priests that were assigned to take care of the building. They were not places of worship, they were the house of the god.

Take care always and God bless?

How the hell is this a question?

Lyrics to God take care of you?

First Verse Sinful man in need of redemption Hopeless helpless sinner lost But the Alpha and Omega brought the answer to the Cross And that's where one day I found Him Sin no longer left a stain To this day it is a Holy perfect plan Chorus: God handled it all (My God fixed it all) His plan was grace (Mercy love and grace) It is mine hallelujah To His lovely lovely name When I saw the beginning (I was looking at him) I saw end (I still see the Lamb) God Handled it all It was and Is a perfect plan (Holy perfect plan) Second Verse: He saw me way back yonder in Eden Knew I needed saving grace But this heart that loves him dearly That is what he sees today Throught the years I've found Him faithful I'll keep trusting on and on For I know He'll lead his Children safely home Chours

Why was the god Haedes worshiped?

The ancient Greeks needed a god that would take care of the dead