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Q: Where are the 4 pressure points in the human body?
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How many pressure points are there?

1: If you trace down between your neck and chest you will find a squishy crater. 2: If you trace down the middle of your chest you will find a fleshy spot. 3: On the center of the top of your head. 4: The part on your bicep that sticks up most when you flex it

Where are your 4 pressure points?

Rib cage, shoulder, neck, and ear.

How many pressure points in human body and where?

The 10 pulse points or pressure points::1. The external maxillary (corner of jaw)2. The superficial temporal (by the ear)3. The carotid (in the neck)4. The brachial (the upper arm)5. The ulnar (on the wrist, near the little finger)6. The radial (on the wrist, near the thumb)7. The femoral (inside the thigh)8. The popliteal (leg)9. The posterior tibial (inside, by the ankle)10. The dorsalis pedis (top of the foot)

What are the release dates for Ed - 2000 Pressure Points 4-15?

Ed - 2000 Pressure Points 4-15 was released on: USA: 23 January 2004 Germany: 1 April 2006 Hungary: 25 October 2006

What body part does a human have of 4?


What are the release dates for Healthy Body Healthy Mind - 2003 Pressure Ulcers 4-4?

Healthy Body Healthy Mind - 2003 Pressure Ulcers 4-4 was released on: USA: 29 June 2005

How much blood is in the the human heart?

4-5 ltrs in human body.

What are the 4 type of cells in the human body?

There are more than 4 types of cells in the human body. There are about 200 different types of cells. Each cell has a different function.

Name 4 areas you can take blood pressure in the human body?

Wrist-Radial Arm-Brachial Neck-Carotid Groin-Femoral Knee-Popliteal Ankle-Posterial tibial Foot-Dorsalis Pedis

How man organ systems in the human body?

4 organs

Zinc in the human body in grams is?

3 to 4 grams

How much zinc is in the human body?

About 2 to 4 grams