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This could be a couple of things. The first that comes to mind is a psychogenic panic disorder, wherein panic strikes, hyperventilation occurs, followed by syncope. This is not to say the condition isn't "real" -- clearly it is. It simply means that the origin is psychological, with symtomology progressing into the physiological. If so, this type of condition is usually easy to treat, both in the near term and long term.

Alternately, this could also me a neurological matter. While the symptoms do not sound like a perfect match for grand mal epileptic disorders, a medical history would probably serve to either confirm or rule out this as a pathology. Questions I'd ask would include:

  • Prior to syncope, is there an "aura" around lights or other objects?
  • Are there any unsual sensations, particularly smells, associated with these episodes?
  • Is the frequency or rhythm of the sounds the same (notably around 18 beats per second, but other frequencies would potentially be indicative)?
  • When you say "hard to breathe", do you refer to hyperventiliation (superfast breathing, which might lean more towards panic)?
  • Do you feel particularly well-rested, happy or calm after regaining consciousness (post-dictal euphoria)?
  • How long before consciousness is regained?

In either case, the condition you describe does not sound life-threatening (although I might warn you against operating power tools, driving, etc. in a situation where you're likely to encounter this stimulus), and most likely has a very good prognosis. It should, however, be discussed with a health professional in a setting where you're face-to-face.

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Q: Whenever i hear loud and repetitive sounds you start crying because you cant stand the noise and then you find it hard to breath and you get really dizzy and you feel sick and then my eyes black over?
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