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Look back and smile.

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Q: When your crush looks at you should you look away?
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What happens when you look at your crush and you crush turns away look at a girl?

Nothing significant. He sees what he looks at.

What should you do if your crush looks like Justin Bieber?

Talk to your crush. There's no difference if a crush looks or doesn't look like Justin.

What will you do if your crush looks at you?

all i do is look for about, 2 seconds, and then turn away... lol

What should you do if your crush is far away?

look at them and when they notice, politely smile and look away

What to do when your crush looks at you?

Act normal and don't blush or look away. Say hey/hello like if you talking to a friend

What does it mean when a boy looks at you when you talk?

no if he does then looks away if your staring back then he does

She looks at me but looks away when I look back?

she likes you.

Your ex boyfriend has a girlfriend but everytime you see him he looks at you then when you look at him he looks away what does this mean?

It means that he is over with you and you should be, too. you should get a boyfriend and rub it in his face,too.

Why does your crush look at you every now and again?

Depends, she thinks you're weird.. or she likes you back. She if she quickly looks away or stares at you. Maybe he likes you back or something like that!!

What does it mean if she looks you in the eye for a long time that you yourself look away and when you look back she looks away?

Nayeli i love you

What does it mean if everytime when you catch your crush staring at you and he would quickly look away?

It most likely means he likes you but doesn't want you to know so he looks away and acts like he was never staring in the first place.

When do you know when a girl has a crush on you?

You know when a girl has a crush on you when she either tells you hi or gets shy and nervous around you, stares at you often, and then looks away when you look back at her, and if you hear her friends giggle, whisper, talk, and stare at you as you walk past their group.