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touch my body phillip saffioti or u could touch my body sexyyy

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Q: When you were pulling your pants off white stuff came out what do you do?
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Does it hurt when the white stuff comes out of your vagina?

it means you just came

Would it not be great if the rain drops came down in colors?

No. My white pants would get colored spots.

Why did the enlightenment occur?

He came in his pants.

When was hot pants invented?

hot pants was invented in the 1960's they were a short pair of pants that came all the way to the thighs

What does it mean when your pee is yellow and when you pee white stuff come out in your pee?

that means that someone came inside you... If you do not recall this please refer to the question what are ruffees?

Where will fashion be in the future?

very little new fashion will come out in the future, a lot of the stuff will be the same, just from a long time ago. for instance, high wiasted pants came in, but its not anything new. high waisted pants were in in the eighties, nineties, ect. fashion will keep reapeting its self as long as we keep buying it.

What were the songs the Jews had to sing while pulling enormous carts of stuff during the Holocaust?

they were generally songs from where the Jews came from; Russians would sing Russian songs, Greeks would sing Greek song, etc.

How did wearing pants below the butt become popular?

when men were in prison they had no belts to pull there pants up so when they came out of jail they wear ed their pants without belts

What if you forgot to pull up your pants and you came out of the bathroom?

you will be a laughing stock

How did maori travel?

Mostly by foot. We also had waka - canoes used on water. When white people came, they bought all the stuff like carriages horses ect.. :)

At the time that Charles Darwin set off on his expedition how did most people in England believe came to be as it is?

Because they came in there pants.

What does jizzed in your pants man?

Came or ejaculated in your trousers (america) underpants (Britain)