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My gut feeling is that you are talking about sleep apnea. This is sleep and breathing disorder that occurs when the person is trying to sleep. Suring this disorder a person's respirations are interrupted, stop for short periods. Please seek treatment as soon as possible. I know of two main types of sleep disorders. The first one is called Obstructive sleep apnea and the second is called central sleep apnea. OSA is relatively common and as the name implies it is due to a blockage of the airway during sleep. In CSA the person's brain fails to stimulate the patients respiratory muscles to execute the respiratory function. Sleep apnea affects all age groups, including children. The following groups are most at risk.

1. Males are at higher risk than females.

2. Obesity increases a person's risk to sleep apnea.

3. Aged over forty years.

4. Having a large neck.

5. Having large tonsils.

6. Family history of sleep apnea. If untreated the person will suffer from poor performance during the day.

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Q: When you try to sleep at night it feels like you stop breathing and wakes you with a jump what is this?
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