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It means you are in love. If you think you are not sure, wait and see if she/he talks to you, or if they have feelings for another person. Good Luck!!!!

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Q: When you think of someone and get goosebumps of that time what does that symbolize?
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is goosebumps sings of pregnancy

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What channel does goosebumps come on?

During Halloween time Cartoon Network

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Should a person like someone?

umm. i think so. If you don't like someone at the time i think that's fine but trying to not like someone is not the right thing to do.

Why do you feel watched?

you feel watched when you think that someone is watching or following you ( most of the time someone is)

Do you like someone if you think about them?

It depends if you think about them allot and cant get them out of your mind then most likely, but if you think about them for a short period of time its normal you should know if you like someone or not.