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If you go to school with him then you should know his name. But if you are on an online dating website, he probably won't tell you. The best thing to do is to meet up somewhere and ask for his name and then tell him yours.

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Youre supposed to know a guys name and hang out with him before you can call him your boyfriend or else it's fake

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Q: When you meet your boyfriend will he tell you his name?
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How do you tell your boyfriend you want him to meet your parents?

You just tell him

When you meet a man when can you ask him out?

The first thing you do is ask him his name and tell him your name. Then you ask him his age and you tell him your age. If he gives you his phone number you give him yours. You ask him if he's married or has a girlfriend. Then you tell him you're not married and you don't have a boyfriend. Then you can ask him out and ask him to be your boyfriend.

How can you meet up with your boyfriend without your mum knowing?

You can lie to her saying where your not going,but your going to a place to meet him.The point is that tell her where your going.Like to the park,but instead you go meet your boyfriend

Will your boyfriend tell you his name if you ask him?

Yes he will tell you his name if you ask him.

Will you tell your boyfriend your name?


How do you tell if your friend has made up a boyfriend?

Ask to meet him? Or talk to him on the phone at least?

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How should you tell your boyfriend im pregnant?

Call him and meet him up. Sit him down and talk to him.

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if you want to be tomoko's boyfriend, then you'll have to vote for her on the CofCosplay show. And next day when you'll go to school you'll click on tomoko to meet her she will tell you her name, phone... :)

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The duration of Meet the Boyfriend is 1.05 hours.

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Straightforward! Just say, "Hey, I've got a new boyfriend & I want you guys to meet him." You can all go out to lunch or to the movies.