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There are different types of discharge that women have during their menstrual cycle the discharge changes when ovulation is about to occur and when it does occur, as long as you haven't had any itching, or offensive odor with this discharge and there's no reason for you to think that you could have an STD then relax Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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17y ago
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11y ago might start your period soon if you have shoulder pains, loss or earned hunger, abdomen pains, leg pains, mood swings, or the feeling of heavy ness in the upper leg.

The period tends to start one to two years after starting developing in breasts or pubic hair. but that doesn't always happen. I hope this helps!

The sticky stuff is just vaginal discharge which is perfectly normal before the onset of periods. (Normal provided it doesn't have a particularly strong/fishy odour and is colourless to white and not yellowish or greenish)

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16y ago

if it looks like clear sticky slime calm down its normal its ur bodys way of telling you that you are ovulating.. and a few days after that you will get your period :)

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12y ago

Yes you will be starting your period I've got that stuff and im on my period

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Q: When you have sticky stuff in your underwear does it mean you started your period?
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Why is there white stuff in your underwear everyday if you have already started your period?

Discharge........its wierd and nasty but it happens

Why do you have yellow sticky stuff in your underwear?

It means that your most likely going to have your period soon it happens to girls around the age of 9-18

Is it normal to have yellow sticky stuff in your underwear after you humped someone?

no prbably not

You woke up with clear underwear and sticky stuff on your leg?

Wet dream?

Does the sticky stuff on your underpants mean you will get your period soon?

No that "sticky stuff" is just a vaginal fluid that occurs naturally and it has nothing to do with your period. I hope this helps

Why do girls have clear stuff on there underwear?

The clear stuff that i sin girls underwear is called discharge. It comes before your period, its perfectly normal.

What does it mean when you have slimy stuff in your underwear but have not started your periods yet?

It means it's a warning and signs of periods it will stop about 4-7 days then you have your period

What does it mean when you find gooey pink stuff in your underwear is it your period?

Old blood

You keep finding dark dark brown stuff in your underwear your only 12 so you don't think its your period really gross what is it?

That sounds alot like a period, when i started mine at 11, i kept javing very dark stains in my underwear and thought i was just really dirty. But it was menstruation.

How long is it before you get your period after you find white stuff in your underwear?

Fighting fhfhfh fhfhfh

If there is crusty stuffand wet stuff in your underwear what does it mean i havent gotten my period eitheri havent even started it?

if it is white or clear it means that you are now going into the stage called puberty.

What was goo made for before kids started to play with this slimy sticky stuff?

i know no i dont