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No. Position while sleeping does not affect growth

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Q: When you grow taller will your legs become thinner?
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Does having fat legs affect height growth?

I wouldn't have thought so. Just try to eat, drink and exercise well. Apples, water and walking up hills. By doing this you may become taller and you may also get thinner legs.

Does sleeping with your legs stretched out help you grow taller?

No. Position while sleeping does not affect growth.

Does stretching help people to grow taller?

a little bit but it also depends on the person!!! Additional info No, stretching will not help you grow, but you will be in good shape. How tall you become is in your DNA, so look at your family to see how tall they are. More than likely you will be as tall as they are.

How do you get to be a leprechaun?

irish, grow a beard, break your legs and become a midget

How do you know if you are going to get taller?

Look at the size of your legs like for example Justin bieber onetime video his legs were long and guess what he got taller so just look at the size of your legs trust me of there long you will get taller like you get my drift :)

Can guppies become frogs?

Believe it or not the very common guppies can become frogs!!! First they are guppies, then they become tadpoles,grow legs then you have a frog!

How can I make my legs thinner?

don't eat anything. simple.

Why did some australopithecines become stronger and grow longer legs than others?

Because u ugly!!

Do grasshoppers regrow their hind legs?

it does not re-grow. usually the grasshopper will then become fish bait

Do taller people have longer legs?

no they have 50 inches long bones that build up their legs hope it help

Do grizzly bears get as big as a man?

Yes they do. They are taller when on their hind legs.

Will a 5' 2 17-year-old female grow any taller?

Usually people stop growing by the age of 17 but some still grow for a while after that. If your not the height that you would like to be maybe try a sport or an exercise that can elongate your legs such as jogging!