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It goes to word heaven and waits for another person to use it again. The words have a goal in life to be used on a paper for all the little children of the world to read.

They get made into eraser dust and you blow them away. lol

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Q: When you erase a word with a pencil where does it go?
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Can a pencil marking erase more than a color pencil?

if you have a good eraser yes. a good eraser will erase a lot of the colored pencil, but it will erase all of the normal pencil. it also depends on how dark the mark is.

What is the french word for ruber?

a rubber used to erase pencil marks is 'une gomme'

How many inches is a pencil eraser?

Pre-erase or post erase?

5 things you can use a pencil eraser for?

An erasor is used to erase erro or an mist spelt word.

How do you get pencil off of plastic?

erase it :)

Why they use pencil for writing?

you use a pencil for writing because you can erase your maskates

Is a colored pencil still a pencil?

It is still a pencil, but you can't erase the coloring completely if it's a normal color pencil.

How does rubber erase pencil marks?

the sap of rubber trees help erase graphite

Is goma the right word for pencil eraser?

Yes. Goma is related to the word gum, as in gum rubber. The little pink thing you use to erase is a goma. However, the verb "to erase" is "borrar" and so "el borrador" is also a word for eraser.

Can ALL rubber erase pencil markings if not which ones can?

Depends on the brand of eraser, because some are very bad, and erase some, not all, but as long as it's classified as an eraser in the store, it can erase all pencil markings.

Where did eraser come from?

because when they made a mistake they had to start all over again

Why do you need a pencil to draw?

You need a pencil to draw because you need to erase when your doing sketch.