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When you breathe out the diaphragm moves upwards to push the air out of the lungs. When you breathe in the diaphragm moves downwards to draw air into the lungs.

When you breathe out your diaphragm contract and moves upwards towards your head.

when you breathe in too much your diaphragm explodes

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Q: When you breath out which direction does your diaphragm go?
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Does the diaphragm need to go down to breath in?

The diaphragm moves down and contracts, flattening itself, when you inhale.

When the diaphragm contracts where does the air go?

When the diaphragm contracts the air is pushed out to the lungs and we breath. also when you project your voice you diaphragm rises causing you to take deeper breaths- this is why you breath more when you project your voice\sing etc

What muscle moves when you breath?

the diaphragm... ^_^

What do Bald Eagles breath with?

The Bald Eagle breathes with it's respiratory system. When it breathes in the diaphragm expands, and when it exhales, it's diaphragm contracts. There you go, NJP, out!

How the diaphragm helps the lungs?

Your diaphragm contracts and expands when you breath. When the diaphragm contracts, air rushes into the lungs. When the diaphragm relaxes, air is exhaled.

What is is the function of the diaphragm?

Allows people to breath

What is the muscle that causes you to breath?

That would be the diaphragm.

What causes non stop hiccups?

its when your diaphragm spazzums and you use your diaphragm to breath so if you stop breathing (hold your breath) you should be just fine (:

A sentence using diaphragm?

When you breath, your diaphragm moves up and down , causing air to flow into and out of the lungs .

When you pull in your breath then your stomach will?

It will push out, if you are breathing from the diaphragm.

What type of muscle is diaphragm?

The diaphragm ( the muscle underneath your lungs that help you breath) is a skeletal muscle, not smooth

What does the diaphragm do for you?

it helps u breath..considering its in ur lungs