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Q: When you are born you have what kind of immunity?
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What kind of immunity Maternal antibodies are an example of?

passive immunity

What is the acquired immunity that results when a person has a disease is?

The response to infections is active or cellular immunity. Acquired immunity

What kind of immunity depends upon the production of disease specific antibodies to destroy harmful bacteria?

humoral immunity

What is the difference between acquired immunity and innate immunity?

You are born with innate immunity which consists of natural barriers to infection. Acquired is developed after birth when you come into contact with antigens

What type of immunity a person is born with called?


Why new born are vaccinated?

To acquire immunity against fatal diseases.

What are the types of immunity?

The three types of immunity is innate immunity, adaptive immunity, and passive immunity.

What are two types of acquired specific immunity?

There is innate immunity (that you are born with) and acquired immunity. Acquired immunity you get when you are vaccinated or you get the disease and fight it off. The best example is that of what we call common colds. There are about 100 different viruses that cause them. This is one reason that babies and young children seem to be always be coming down with one or getting over one.

Definition of tort immunity?

There are three special cases of immunity from tort liability. They are intrafamily immunity, governmental immunity, and charitable immunity. Intrafamily immunity is immunity from a tort action brought by an immediate family member. Governmental immunity is immunity of a governmental agency from a tort action. Charitable immunity is immunity of a charitable organization from a tort action.

What is the difference between Sovereign immunity qualified charitable interspousal immunity?

explain the difference between sovereign immunity qualified immunity charitable immunity and interspousal immunity?

When is inmate immunity acquired?

It develops as the embryo develops into a fetus, since you are born with these defenses.

Is Acquired Immunity the same as Humoral Immunity?

Actually acquired immunity consists of "humoral immunity" and "cell mediated immunity. Acquired immunity is the same with adaptive immunity, it is when the antibodies are produced within the bodies after the exposure of pathogen. Humoral immunity secreted antibodies while cell mediated immunity involves in production of T lymphocytes.