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Invented in 1929 by American physicist Rob. J. Van De Graaff

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Q: When was the van de graaff generator built?
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Where was the van de graaff generator built?

it was built in colorado.

How was the van de graaff generator discovered?

robert j van de graaff

Who made Van de Graaff generator?

Robert .j. van de graaff

Who is Robert van de Graaff?

Robert van de graaff was the inventor of the van de graaff generator and was also a scientistAnsweran artist from the 70' he made really good progressive rock music, highly recommended

What did Robert Van de Graaff invent?

He invented the electric generator.

Can you do an experiment with a van de graaff generator?

You can light a fluorescent bulb

Who is better van de craft generator or cyclotron give reason?

I assume you mean the "van de Graaff generator". Better for what, exactly? From what I read, they serve different purposes. Specifically as a particle accelerator, the van de Graaff generator has been superseded by other designs.

What does the van de graaff generator used for?

it creates an electric field around it self

Can van de graaff generator hold any amount of charge?

No, the Van de Graaff generator can produce a large amount of charge but does not hold the charge itself. The generator must be in motion in order to produce electricity. Once the motion stops, the charge is lost.

Van de graaff water?

Van de graaff Wine