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Both topical and oral preparations of tacrolimus are still available (prescription only). They have never been discontinued in production.

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Q: When was tacrolimus discontinued?
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What type of test performed after tacrolimus capsule dose?

blood levels for tacrolimus should be checked and it should be >5

Where can you buy tacrolimus?

Worldpharm is a professional Chinese supplier of Tacrolimus, supplying tacrolimus raw powder worldwide with good price, good quality and good service. PLS visit or contact

Examples of immunosuppression?

Tacrolimus Mycophenolate

What pharmacuetical company makes tacrolimus?

Sandoz subdivision of Norvatis

Can your hair grow back once you start taking Tacrolimus?

It depends a lot on why you lost your hair to begin with. If it's alopecia, or male-pattern baldness, tacrolimus is unlikely to make any impact upon the matter. If you're hair fell out because you were ill, but are now healthy on tacrolimus, it may grow back. However tacrolimus, unlike some older immunosuppressives, does not encourage hirsutism (excessive hair growth) as a side-effect.

What is the dosage for tacrolimus?

Depends on the dosage of the patient, and how many months' worth of tacrolimus they have requested. Most patients will be on "one mg, twice daily", however this does vary considerably between patients (due to time since transplant, type of transplant etc...).

Will your hair grow back once on Tacrolimus?

It depends why you lost your hair to begin with. However Tacrolimus does not have the side-effect of hirsutism (excessive hair growth), unlike some of the older immunosuppressives (cyclosporin).

How is tacrolimus used?

An alternative drug choice for patients that cannot tolerate cyclosporine, tacrolimus has been the subject of much research in recent years. Used to treat rejection episodes that are acute or chronic in nature

What can you use for eczema other than tacrolimus?

Topically applied ciclosporin cream.

What are side effects of tacrolimus?

There's a whole bunch of side-effects. It's probably best to read the patient info leaflet in a tacrolimus packet to find these out. (Sorry, I couldn't find a complete online version to link you to).

How do you pronounce Tacrolimus?

The immunosuppressant tacrolimus is also known as Fujimycin, brand name Prograf.The pronunciation is (tah-CRAH-lih-muss), with a short O and I sound, accented on the second syllable. This is a short form for "Tsukuba macrolide immunisuppressant."

Has tacrolimus antiproliferative effect?

No, it does not. However it is considered that Sirolimus (rapamyacin) may have antiproliferative properties.