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If you are asking when you should get a physical examination for your body, then I can answer this. You need to get a physical usually every year, also if you take any medicine you may get med checks every so often and usually a physical examination will go along with that.

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Q: When usually physical examination does?
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Who uses an otoscope?

An ear examination with an otoscope is usually done by a doctor or a nurse as part of a complete physical examination

What to do after talking to a patient?

A doctor usually does a physical examination after talking to a patient in the office.

How is Balanitis diagnosed?

Balanitis is usually diagnosed based on a brief physical examination.

Are physical examination forms valid if they are turned in 11 months later?

Usually physical exam forms or no longer valid after 6 months.

How is restrictive cardiomyopathy diagnosed?

The diagnosis is usually based on a physical examination, echocardiography, and other tests as needed.

Where is a diagnosis of maxillofacial trauma usually made?

Trauma is usually diagnosed in an emergency room or physician's office by physical examination and/or x ray.

What are three parts of a routine urinalysis?

physical examination chemical examination microscopic examination.

What is the difference between a checkup and a physical examination?

A physical examination consists of several objective medical signs that a health professional might look for eg. listening to your heart and lungs, feeling for hernias, rectal examination etc. A checkup is usually consists of several health related questions regarding any symptoms, risk factors or diseases you might have as well as a physical examination, and possibly some blood tests.

What has the author L Lodewick written?

L. Lodewick has written: 'The physical examination' -- subject(s): Atlases, Physical Examination, Physical diagnosis

How is hyperthyroidism diagnosed?

The diagnosis usually is straightforward with this combination of clinical history, physical examination, and routine blood hormone tests.

What is portion of the physical examination that provides information by hearing?

Auscultation is the portion of the physical examination that provides information by hearing.

What is the definition of 'health examination'?

A health examination, also known as a general medical examination, is, generally, an annual check-up preformed by a general practitioner. It usually involves a physical examination, a medical history, as well as some type of blood tests or injections.