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the patient has severe Asthma and requires frequent therapy with oral steroids

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Q: When the nurse is assessing a new patient in a clinic which medications would be of most concern?
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Patient need is an important consideration when planning services that the clinic will offer because it will better enable the clinic to provide the appropriate services, allowing for a better patient experience. When scheduling patient appointments, considering patient need can make things run more smoothly for the patient and the physician/staff.

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Ultimately, the doctor(s) is responsible for the medications dispensed. Medications given within the hospital/clinic are usually given by technicians/assistants, but sometimes may be administered by the doctor. Prescriptions which are sent home may be filled by just about any employee of the clinic -- doctor, tech/asst, receptionists, etc.

Can a mental health clinic refuse a patient if her mother works there?

As long as a patient is in need of help fast, it doesn't matter who works there.

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It is actually ILLEGAL for a doctor to ask a patient out in there place of work, Whether it being a clinic or Hospital, However they can out of work.

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