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yes it is okay to hate somebody after you get bullied. hi mommy

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Q: When someone hurts you is it ok to hate them?
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Is it ok to love someone you can never have that hurts you a lot by not understanding how you love them but they seem to be with someone but they seem to stop you from moving on?

Its called feelings so yes

Is it ok to hate the devil?

Not okay to hate a being. Okay to hate actions, what someone does... Hope for them that what is truthfully bad becomes the will to do truthfully good. --------------------- Sure, go right ahead! Hate all the fictional characters you want!

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For fun, yes! for a prank to pull on someone you hate, no. i do it all the time.

Is it wrong to hate someone just because they go out with the boy you love?

no it's ok it may bother you but you will have to deal with it eventualy

Is it okay to hate Brazilians?

no, it is never OK to hate anyone.

Is it ok to hate jews?


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it is when you ask someone if the want a hurts doughnut and then punch them in the arm and say hurts don't it.

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that's Life by DELANO STEWART

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Is it ok to hate gay people?

Yes! Hate is very bad! Never say you hate someone hate is a very strong word that can really make even the meanest people feel bad. Just think about it what if you told someone you hated them And the next day they died? Wouldn't you feel horrible? But anyway hope I helped :) and remember don't be a hater

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It's racist to hate other countries or the people who live in them.

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It hurts because you lost someone you love and you feel they hate you and don't care about you but it's just they need a break and later they might come back to you....just leave them alone for a while.