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of course but don't forget to say:"next time make sure you give me the right gift"

but if she/he need it for an important reason then just say"nah,it's alright"

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If it's cheap, you might as well give them it back and be nice:)but if it's expensive, then nah, keep it!;)

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Q: When someone give you something as a gift and then wants it back do you have to give it back if the relationship ends?
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Can you get back property you gave someone in a relationship after its over?

You don't. If something is gifted to someone, it remains theirs permanently.

If someone gives you something now wants it back do you give it back?

No, once they have given you the item it is then officially yours and you have the option whether to give the item back or not.

Ex boyfriend in relationship you talk he says let the relationship play out what does he mean?

He means he wants to be with you but he also wants to try something new out. So when you talk he's saying let the relationship play which in other terms means let me sleep with her a time or two and we can be back together.

How do you get your ex back if you broke the relationship?

by asking him/her if he/she still wants you back or change a little bit and see if he/she wants to get back together with you or ask him/her if you want to get back together

How should you resond to an ex who dumped you but acts like she wants you back?

well, if she desperately wants you back, I'm sure she'll eventually do something about it...but for now i would just say start looking for someone else.

What do you do if he says he wants to be in a relationship with you but wont make a move so tired of waiting you move on but want him back but he has a girl friend?

Talk to him. Maybe you can work something out.

What does it mean to take something from under someone's feet?

Taking something from under someone's feet means to take something from someone behind their back. For example, John is looking at a certain house, and Joe knows that, but he wants the house too, and goes behind his back and signs on the house. That would be taking the house from under John's feet.

My ex boyfriend wants something back he loaned me can I get in trouble or not?

Whether a friend; family member or an ex boyfriend loans you something you have an obligation to give it back. 'Ex' means the relationship is over so you have no reason to keep whatever it is of his you have. Grow up!

What does it mean if the boy you like makes fun of you like if someone says something he'll be like yeah my name?

He likes you. He wants attention. Do it back to him.

How do you get an ex-girlfriend back when you broke up the relationship?

just talk to her about it and hopes she wants to get back together

Have a thing with someone overseas who comes back once in a while he said he loves me and I asked him if we would be in a relationship if he lived here and he said no does that mean he's using me?

Personally, I think that you need to decide if this is a relationship you actually want to be in. First, long distance relationships are hard enough as is. If your significant other has stated that he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you.... What are you getting out of this? Perhaps branch out and find someone who wants to be with you because of who you are. Love isn't easy, but you need to find someone who wants to be with you. A relationship needs to be reciprocated by both involved in order for it to be healthy.

How do you know whether a boy likes you or not and wants a relationship with you?

if he whips his hair back and forth