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your nose will get infected

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Q: When snorting ketamine what happens to your nose?
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When snorting cocaine what happens to your nose?

In addition to the effects of the drug itself, snorting drugs up your nose does cause additional issues. Snorting drugs causes irritation and damage to the lining of the nose as well as to the sinuses.

What is reverse sneezing?

snorting in mucus when it's in your nose.

How to heel your nose after snorting cocaine?

u cant

What are the effects of snorting bc powders?

Nose pain, bitter boogers, and potential cartilage loss in your nose.

How can people tell that people are singing out there nose?

They make a snorting sound

How can you stop snorting when you laugh?

Dont breathe through your nose when you laugh.

Does snorting Cymbalta get you high?

No, it will not get you high. It will hurt your nose alot aswell.

What does snorting meth do to your face?

dental problemsdamage to the nose & sinus cavitiesmake the nose stuffycause nosebleedsdamage to the lining & cartilage of the nosecause a hole in the nose

How does methamphetamine get into the body?

Snorting it/inhaling through the nose, smoking it, eating it, or injecting it with a needle.

What happens if you snort nucynta?

Well gave a 75mg a try and it was like snorting glass that was on fire. My eyes watered, nose burned and didnt enjoy it. I am experienced opana user. Don't wast it. Not Good

Does snorting Ambien burn your nose?

Yes snorting ambien burns a lot but it is readily absorbed and you can trip a lot harder. Kicks in in 2 minutes, burns for like 10 seconds.

How can you alleviate pain in nosal cavity from snorting meth?

Rinse your nose with water ten minutes after you snort.