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Well mostly when serving food like at a restraunt or any type of fast food restraunt.

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Q: When should you wear cut resistance gloves when handling food?
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Should you wear latex gloves while working the cash register?

In food service, you wear gloves when handling certain foods, and change them when handling other foods. Since dirt and germs are on money, if you are wearing gloves when working the cash register, you should discard them before handling any kind of food. Many people choose to wear gloves when handling food and not to handle money bare handed, but there is no reason you can't also wear gloves when handling money, as long as you change them when you turn from that to handling food..

When should you wear safety gloves?

To catch the BALL NODUH.......................................................................................................................

Single use glove should be worn?

Single use gloves should be worn in instances where the gloves should be sterile and not repeatedly worn.

What are the legal requirements regarding wearing gloves when handling food?

can a waitress wear gloves when serving food to a table

When handling ready to eat food employees should always use?

Single- use gloves or deli tissue

Should fast food resturants wear plastic gloves or use their bare hands?

Fast food restaurants are business entities and do not have hands.Employees of fast food restaurants may or may not need to wear plastic gloves, depending on the functions they are performing.People engaged ONLY in the preparation of food need not wear gloves as long as they wash their hands at the appropriate times. However, some local health departments may nevertheless require the use of gloves.People who handle money but not food need not wear gloves.People who handle money and also handle unwrapped food should wear gloves when handling food, but NOT when handling money, or vice versa.Anyone using gloves for sanitation purposes should know how to put them on and take them off without spreading contamination, and should know when they can reuse a pair of gloves and when they cannot.

What should you do before handling food three things?

Wash your hands and arms thoroughly and rinse them in clean water.

Enumerate the sanition Procedure of handling food?

You must wash your hands and put on gloves before touching the food. After handling the food, wash your hands again and disinfect surfaces the food has touched.

Is it important to use food handling gloves?

so that germs from your hands won't get into the food.

Is food safe when wearing nail polish that peels during food preparation?

Food is not safe when handling food while wearing nail polish. Nail polish is a toxic substance that should stay away from food at all times. It is better to wear gloves.

If a food handler decides to wear disposable gloves?

When handling food, it's a good idea to switch gloves in between different food groups in order to prevent cross contamination. Avoiding this could result in sickness or death.

WHAT is appropriate for food handlers to do when they have wounds on their hands?

A food handler with wound on their hand should report it to their supervisor. The supervisor would make sure the wound is properly tended to and should determine if the food handler can be assigned duties other than handling food.