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Only when she is agreeable; never without permission. If in doubt, you can always ask.

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When she asks you to.

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Q: When should you start touching your girlfriend?
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If my hand smells like sweat after touching my girlfriend down there but above clothes Is that bad?

If you have is smelly after touching your girlfriend then amaybe you should tell her. You could also leave her.

How do you pleasure my girlfriend?

start touching her virgina and if she say's stop you stop if she like's it you striping her clothes off and have sex

Is touching okay while kissing?

When you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are snogging, touching them is OK if they are cool with it.

If I touched my girlfriend down there and she had jeans on Is it bad that my hand smells weird Im only 13?

At age 13 you should not be touching your girlfriend down there period. You should tell her she needs to wash more.

What do you do if you like some one and they have a girlfriend and they touch you like every single day but their not YOUR girlfriend?

Unwanted touching is unwanted touching. Tell him or her to knock it off.

Why do you need a boyfriend?

You don't. You are strong and independent.

How do you convince your girlfriend to have a 3 sum with another girl?

You invite have her invite her friend over then u say we should go upstairs then u tell ur gf u wanna have sex and u wanna include her friend casually and start prepping for it then u start touching to convince her

Why won't my girlfriend touch my penis She touched it when we where kissing and asked what it was so I said it's my penis and she was fine with that But after that she won't touch it?

Your girlfriend might enjoy touching you there when she isn't asked to. But when you ask her to touch it she might feel forced to do so. Basically you should let her get warmed up to touching it when she feels like it.

Why do girls get jelous about girls touching their BF?

The same reason boys get jealous about guys touching their girlfriend. Sexual jealousy.

Should you spy on your girlfriend when she's naked?

Yes! You should walk in "accidentally" and if your girlfriend doesn't care go towards her and start kissing. Slide your hand up to her boobs and lightly cup them start to squeeze them and you can have sex!

When should you start to handle your foal?

You should be touching and handling it all the time, so it gets used to human interaction. However, you shouldn't start to ride it for at least a few years.

When should you wash your hand when you start cooking?

Before you begin cooking, after touching raw meat and/or cutting vegetable's, and then after.