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Q: When should you move to dryer climate for health?
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Is your move to a dryer climate prescribed by your doctor tax deductible?

No, the medical expense deduction is for expenses paid for medical care. A move for the general improvement of your health is not considered medical care. However, if you moved due to a change in your job or business location, or because you started a new job or business, you may be able to deduct your moving expenses.

What can you do to keep dew from collecting on your car and night and you have to wipe the windows and after driving about 2 blocks you have to get out and wipe the windows again What can you do to ke?

Use a car cover. Park in a garage. Move to a dryer climate.

What part of a hair dryer does the motor move?

It moves a fan. The fan is what causes the airflow in the hair dryer.

Which will dry a sock faster a fan or a dryer?

Fan, because the blades move faster than a dryer.

Is it safe to lay a dryer on its side or back during a move?

Yes it is ,there is nothing in a dryer that woud be affected by orientation.

Is it hard to move washer and dryer from bathroom to kitchen?

The washer is usually no problem, but you may run into problems with electrical supply and vent for dryer.

Is it hard to move washer and dryer from kitchen to bathroom in a condo unit?

Not at all

What do you do if you put your cat in the washer then dryer and when you take it out it doesn't move?

Get a new cat. And maybe a new dryer unless you want to have it professionally cleaned. Also, get some counseling about killing animals.

What mayor aspect of ga climate influences business and industry to move into the state?

what major aspect of Georgia's' climate influences business and industry to move into the state

Can your budgies move to an aviary?

If your budgies are used to being indoors, and if you do not live in a warm climate, they should not be moved to an aviary. Cold winters are deadly for budgies.

Is an adapter to go from a 3 prong dryer outlet to a 4 prong dryer cord available for purchase?

Yes, adapters are available for purchase to convert a 3-prong dryer outlet to a 4-prong dryer cord. These adapters are designed to make the conversion safe and straightforward, allowing you to use your dryer with the proper electrical connection. Just ensure that the adapter is compliant with electrical safety standards.

Is hair dryer a lever?

No, a hair dryer is not a lever. A lever is a simple machine that consists of a rigid bar that pivots around a fixed point to help lift or move objects. A hair dryer uses electrical energy to produce hot air for drying hair.