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When the right moment comes to kiss a girl it should be when both of you are feeling the moment ,at that Moment, so just get a better understanding when the time is right. Watch her body language listen to what she says, you both will know when the moment is right !.

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when is the best time to kiss a guy? well um idk where to start...when your out wit ure friends and lets say your best friend your best friends boyfriend and your own

boyfriend you know everyone will be like when are u guys gunna kiss and there gunna keep on nagging and nagging about it...well go somewhere rivite with ur boyfriend and kkiss him...thts one of the best ways so tht after when they ask you again to do it u would be ready since you would already know wht it felt like so thy dnt think ure a chicken

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That one is always hard but these days 13 is the new 16....

Well, Personally, I think (Me being the girl and all) A kiss is something not to be rushed, but I reallyyy think that one moment where you're both laughing and then stare into each others eyes would be the most PERFECT time to do itt (:

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The right moment to kiss your girlfriend might be right after you have had a great conversation or a really fun moment. That first kiss should be happy and light-hearted and should lead to many more kisses.

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Q: When should you and your girlfriend kiss?
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You and your boyfriend/girlfriend choose what your first kiss is going to be.

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Perhaps you can give her a kiss on the cheeks

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