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Take these tablets before a meal.

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Q: When should glimpride tablets be taken before or after food?
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How should lactase enzyme tablets be taken?

Chewable lactase enzyme tablets are also available. Three to six tablets taken before a meal or snack will aid in the digestion of solid foods.

When to take tablets before or after a meal?

It depends what kind of tablets they are and whether they have to be taken before or after a meal, or during for that matter. For a majority of tablets, they have to be taken after having something to eat; check the label or instructions on the side of the bottle/container and it should specify when would be preferable to take the tablets. It would be easier if you specified which tablets

Should the mp forte tablets be taken before food or after food?

Ur so geh

How many tablets should be taken for cold?


Folic acid tablets should be taken during night or day?

to be taken at night

How should metformin tablets be taken?

By mouth. Swallow whole.

Do folic acid tablets affect periods?

They do not affect periods. But then this tablets should not be taken without some indication like sickle cell anemia.

How many tablets should be taken each day?

As prescribes by your doctor or as per instructions on the packaging.

Should antibiotics be taken before or after food?

Antibiotics should usually be taken around 30 mins before eating.

Can Nise tablets be used for headaches?

Nise tablets are NSAIDs which are only available as a prescription drug in certain countries. A doctor would have to determine if it should be taken for a headache.

When should ginger root be taken?

should ginger root be taken before, with or after meals

What are mouth dissolving tablets?

Tablets that will dissolve in your mouth and does not need to be taken with water.

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