When should a girl get a bra?

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A girl should get a bra in the ages between 8-11 years.

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Q: When should a girl get a bra?
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Tips to have great sex?

Just have fun! IF the girl's ok with it take out her bra( My bra & boobs are super sexy, you can call me @ 416-983-2316, if u wanna check them out, im 18) feel her boobs, rub them, take pics of your girl, post her naked on facebook, take videos, EXPLORE her body, just have sex with a sexy girl, that's the key!

How do a get a girl to take her bra off?

Well first thing is that you should be it when your making out or having sex when you do this! You slowly put your hands under the bottom of her shirt then slowly inch your way up and very quietly take it off then start to make out with her when shes in her bra this Will help distract her! then start to squeeze her boobs and she start massaging them then slowly put your finger tips under her bra and start to finger them! And then put her bra over her head and start squeezing the hell out of them and you better do it while you can because you never know when you will get this opportunity again for a while! Good luck!

What type of bra should a 12 year old wear?

it depends on how big your breasts are. if they are small, probably a training bra/ sports bra. if they are larger you will want something with an underwire. make sure not to get bras that make your breasts look like cones. hope this helps

Should 11 year olds wear bras?

Yes maybe a training bra or I'm 11 and I wear an unpadded sports bra it depends I would not wear a padded bra because it will look like one day you have no boobs and the next have big boobs

Do twelve year old girls wear cupped bras?

It depends on how developed they are. The earlier you wear a bra, the higher your risk for breast cancer. Here's some advice: If they're not developed or just started.... A tank top or sports bra. A-cups: Sports bra B-cups: 100% cotton bra without an underwire C-cups: Yes, wear a fully supportive bra, most likely with an underwire. Nah....12 year olds should wear a cotton bra with a underwire it grips on to the breast more tightly im 15 i wear lace bras sports bras are for 9 year olds

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