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Countable means to be quantitative, and not countable means to be qualitative.

So, love is very tricky, as it is a concept and difficult to collect data for. However, here are a few simple examples (there are not all inclusive, but rather examples for the sake of explanation):

*Quantitative (countable) love: This can be measured in a variety of ways. To take a scientific stance, heartbeats and differing hormone levels can be used to show a reaction of what we classify as love. However, we are only collecting data on the effects of love on the body, not counting love specifically. In a larger scale and less scientific, we can possibly take a poll of any number of people and ask them if they love someone. You can specify this and ask who they would say they love the most (i.e. kids, spouse, siblings, parents, best friend, etc.). This is more categorical and does slip into the qualitative zone, but it is still countable and thus is still a vague example.

*Qualitative (uncountable) love: Again, this is a vague example and used for the sake of explanation. (I would HIGHLY encourage those reading to edit and improve upon my answer). Comparing how much someone loves another is difficult, as we can only "measure" the actions of the person to express that love. Various actions may convey different levels of love to different individuals as well. So comparing how much one person's level of love to another person is very difficult.

Hope this helps!

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Q: When love is countable or uncoutable?
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