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Q: When is just because I love you day?
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How much do you love your Awesome Person?

Everybody should want what I have but few ever will; I get lost in her eyes and I lose time during the day just thinking about who she is. I love her because of what we are together; I love her because she loves me when I least deserve it; in the end when you ask why I love her...the answer is simple...its because I just do... and she should never forget that... ILWT

Why Is Cupid Related to Valentine's Day?

Because he is the God of Love and Valentines is the Love day

Is pancake day on Valentine's Day?

no because valentinsday is a love day

How important is Valentine's Day to us?

this holiday canproduce in-love couples..........and they can say their felling to their love once in a romantic way answer Because that's one more opportunity for girlfriends to test their mate's submission. My valentine days start in disappointment then go on to resentment and end up in fights.

When is the first day?

because people ****** love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best holiday for couple?

Valentines Day is a good one, because its all about the LOVE :D or Christmas because you can get gifts for each other and its just a special time.

You told your best friend you are in love with him and he said he has some feelings for you but he doesnt love you He calls you the next day because he feels bad What shall you do now?

You shall just see what happens.

Why is Valentine's Day impotant?

Valentine's Day is important because it is day for showing others you love and care for them. It is a day of affection and sincerity. This is the only day in the year devoted to showing those you love how much you truly love them.

Why did the valentine heart got its shape as a heart?

Because your heart beats when you love someone and V day is the day of love

Why do you use a heart for the Valentine's Day symbol?

because it symbolizises love and its valentines day! so spread the love <3

I've been chatting with this girl for a few days now and I finally saw her in person the other day. How do I get her to love me.?

You can't just make a girl love you it is something that just has to be there. But you should treat her nicely and with respect because it can help.

When is the first VETERANS day?

because people ****** love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!