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When you're dumb enough and when you are not scared of the police

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Q: When is it okay to take someones life?
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When is pulling someones face off okay?

Pulling someones face off usually is not okay, but if you get very angry, and you hate that person, then it is okay to pull off their face. If you are gay, then pull off someones face automatically.

Can a clone take over someones life?

yes a clone can take over someone's life and ruin their reputation

Why are most christians against euthanasia?

Because they believe that only God has the right to take away someones life

Is it okay to use someones else's birth control pill if its not the same kinds as yours?

No, there may be specific reasons why she was put that specific pill, and also reasons why you should not take it.

When is it okay to take drugs?

When the drugs in question are either necessary to life or for legal purposes.

When is it okay to lie?

Well, it's really almost never okay to lie, of course we all do it. it's human nature to lie, but try to be honest as much as you can. The most of the time someones lies is to keep from hurting someones feelings (or at least when i lie try to stick to that ).

What does the ward social?

it maens in someones life

A book on someones life is called what?

An biography.

How are biography and autobiographys alike?

their about someones life.

Is it okay to snoop?

no that is how you lose someones trust but if your talking about ina relationship then yea but only if you suspect that the person your with is cheating

What is aggravated arson?

Arson where you endanger someones life!

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to save someones life