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A health issue is a public health issuewhen it impacts the health of masses of people, or the livability of a neighborhood, town, or city.

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There are many important health issues that seem to always come to the forefront in our world of today.

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Q: When is a health issue a public health issue?
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How is gonorrhea a environmental issue?

It is not an environmental issue, it is a public health issue

Why is vaccination not a personal health issue bit also a public health issue?

Because vaccination prevents the spread of contagious diseases.

10 reasons why food safety is a public health issue?

You don't need 10 reasons. Food safety is a public health issue because the failure of a food safety program will affect a lot of people - the public.

What local public health initiatives address mental illness as a public health issue?

Day hab and other day treatment programs

What was a major public health issue after world war 2?


What has the author Harry S Mustard written?

Harry S. Mustard has written: 'Government in public health' -- subject(s): Public health 'An introduction to public health' -- subject(s): Public health 'Mustard's introduction to public health' -- subject(s): Public health 'An introduction to public health' -- subject(s): Public Health, Public health

What is Johnny Depps health issue?

He does not have a health issue that I'm aware of. :)

What health issue did Sarah Brightman have?

She has mild dyslexia, if you can call that an "health issue".

What is considered the most important global public health issue?

Drug resistant bacteria due to misuse and overuse of antibacterial products are certainly a serious medical problem, but I am not sure they qualify as a public health issue. I suspect Malaria would have to be one of the most prevalent public health issues since thousands of children die from it every day! Starvation and lack of clean drinking water are also very important issues in global public health, in addition to lack of use of condoms to prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, etc.

What are the differences between private offering and public offering?

In Public issue, the issue is not made to select group of people and it is open for public wheras in Private placement an issue is made to particular group of individuals. it this allotment exceeds 50 then the private issue will become public issue

Who sets public health standards?

Public Health standards are usually set by Health Departments and Ministries of Health.

What are the leadership qualities in public health?

qualities of a public health leader