When is a hamster mature?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hamsters are sexually mature at about 5-7 weeks. Their usual gestation period is 15- 16 days. There are normally about 5-12 pups in each litter.

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Q: When is a hamster mature?
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When does a short haired hamster mature?

If you know the age you bought the hamster at it would be probably 10 Hamster years ( 5 Human years i think)

What is the youngest age when a hamster can be pregnant?

Hamsters sexually mature at about 4-6 weeks.

Are Syrian hamsters the same as golden hamsters?

A Syrian Hamster is a normal hamster and yes

How do you get a baby hamster on hamsters 2?

You need to wait 1 month for each hamster(a boy + girl of a same breed) to mature, and then make them play a lot with each other. They automatically have a baby hamster after a while.

How do you know they are males or females?

A mature Male Hamster will have a very prominent set of bulges under his tail which is his scrotum. This is how you know if it is a guy hamster. Female hamsters do not have balls.

Will your girl hamster fight if you put a boy hamster in the same cage?

Yes, if they are mature, they will fight to the death. However, they can live with each other when they are still babies. {This is why it is hard to breed hamsters.}

Will a hamster be lonely on its own?

Generally, no. Hamsters are solitary creatures and they prefer to be the only hamster around. If there are two hamsters, they may fight to the death or get seriously injured. The rule is one mature hamster per cage. If it a mother with pups, that is a different story.

Is there a difference between a teddy bear hamster and a black bear hamster behavior wise?

yes teddy bear hamsters are quite mature where as black bear hamsters bite u if they dont like u

At how many weeks do Syrian Hamsters become sexually mature?

As soon as they are mature enough to be weaned off of their mothers milk they are mature enough to be sexually mature. At about 21 days old a Syrian hamster can begin having other babies. So if you have a cage full of hamsters that would be the time to separate them into their own cages.

Your hamster is 2weeks old do you give him water or milk?

Do not give him milk. Have water and seeds readily available. They mature faster than other animal babies.

Do hamsters get their periods?

Well, not really, they do become mature. Females go into heat every 2 or 3 days, and males can be bred as long as they are mature. My hamster was killed recently.

What are all the specis of hamsters?

There is lots like, Syrian, Chinese dwarf hamster, Campbells dwarf hamster, Robo dwarf hamster, Russian hamster. My favorite, is the blueberry campbells dwarf hamster and the Syrian hamster. They are the sweetest and easy to hold. NOT THE ROBO"S!!!