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A feeding tube is inserted when a patient or person is no longer able to swallow or chew their own food when they need to eat.

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Q: When is a feeding tube inserted?
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Can you still eat by mouth if you have a permanent feeding tube inserted into the stomach?

It depends why the feeding tube was placed. If the feeding tube was placed because the person cannot chew/swallow safely, then no. If the feeding tube was inserted for supplemental feeding because the person doesn't consume adequate nutrition, then yes.

Is there an alternative to to the g tube feeding tube?

yes. you may have a tube inserted through your nose or mouth.

What is a nasoduodenal feeding tube?

A nasoduodenal or nasojejunal tube is inserted through the nose and ends in either the duodenum or jejunum, both of which are portions of the small intestine.

What is the purpose of the g-tube that is inserted into a stomach during a pancreatectomy?

A gastrostomy or g-tube leading out of the stomach in order to help prevent nausea and vomiting.

What is a core flow feeding tube a nasogactric feeding tube which is similar to a dobhoff feeding tube.?

fredrick-miller tube

What is a core flow feeding tube a nasogactric feeding tube which is similar to a dobhoff feeding tube?

fredrick-miller tube

What are reasons for performing a gastrostomy?

A gastrostomy is a procedure whereby a tube is inserted through the wall of the abdomen and into the stomach. Two reasons for performing a gastrostomy are for feeding or drainage.

What is orogastric tube?

something's like a tube which is inserted to the mouth then passes on through oesophagus till reaches the stomach, this tube is indicated for a neonatal who doesn't have a reflex of breast-feeding to its mother,it is indicated too for another case which the patient is contraindicated for using a nasogastric tube because of the facial trauma.

Is tube feeding enteral or parental nutrition?

Tube feeding is an example of Enteral nutrition

How do you feed a person on a feeding tube?

humm... just a wild guess on a feeding tube?

What would Mary need to know in order to calculate the average speed of a car?

A feeding tube is inserted when your health isn't very well and you have problems so you have to go to the doctor.

What is a external feeding tube?

gastrostomy tube