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If you mean a paycheck take it otherwise never.

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Q: When if ever is it permissible to take a gift or gratuity from a patient?
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How can you use gratuity in a sentence?

Gratuity is a noun that means a monetary tip, a bonus, or gift. Example sentence:Each year I buy my housekeeper a gift as a gratuity for her excellent services.

How do you spell gratuity?

That is the correct spelling of the noun "gratuity" (a gift, or "tip").

What is difference between pension and gratuity?

A gratuity is like a gift or a free present. Pension is the plan for retirement after long work for many years. Pension in always related to retired, old people.

Will a gift card from Olive Garden cover gratuity in addition to the food?

A gift card cannot be used for your tip,please use a different payment method.

If a gratuity is something given to police as a policy what is something called given to an individual in return for a specific action?

A Gift or a TIP.

Do prepaid gift cards ever expire?

Yes, prepaid gift cards ever expire. However, some gift cards like paypal gift card don't so you should check with the agency.

Do you need to pay a tip when using a gift certificate for a service?

If you get service that warrants a tip, yes. Before you avail yourself of this service, inquire if you can use any unused portion of the gift certificate towards a gratuity. Like if you got a Spa day, and do not wish to use all the services covered by the gift certificate.Also, keep an eye on expiration dates and transferability of ALL gift certificates.

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