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They would be addressed as: Dr. and Mrs. John Smith

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Q: When husband is doctor and wife is not?
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How do you address a doctor the husband and his wife who is a reverend?

Doctor Smith and his wife Reverend Smith (assuming she is using his last name).

What is the proper salutation when it is a husband and wife and the wife only is a doctor?

Dr. and Mr. Smith

How do you address an envelope to a husband and wife where the wife is a doctor?

Dr. Mary Smith and Mr. James Doe

Is this the correct way to address correspondence with wife is the doctor and husband is not - Dr. Lori and Steve Driver?

Mr. and Dr. Joseph Smith (indicates the wife is the doctor)

Can a husband talk to his wife' doctor for information?

If the question is about your wife and her doctor visits, then no. That violates privacy policies called patient confidentiality. But if the question is about you or something pertaining to you I would think that the doctor wouldn't mind talking to you. Just schedule an appointment or go in with your wife and ask. :)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Jealous Husband - 1911?

The cast of The Jealous Husband - 1911 includes: Edward Dillon as The Husband Dell Henderson as The Doctor Vivian Prescott as The Wife

What is the opposite of wife?


How do you address an envelope to a wife only if her husband is a doctor - do you refer to her as Mrs. or Dr.?

When addressing an envelope to the wife of a doctor who is not a doctor herself then and he is Dr. John Doe, then address the envelope to her as Mrs. John Doe or Ms. (Mrs.) Jane Doe.

If an ex husband pays kids health insurance does that mean the ex wife doesn't get any say on what doctor the kids see?

yes Actually, spoke with my lawyer...the answer is No. The wife still has the right to choose with the ex husband which doctor their children would see. Only if the ex husband has full custody of the children does he make that decision on his own.

In a clinical setting can a wife as healthcare assistant chaperone the doctor who is her husband?

In North America, the answer is yes. If a female patient subsequents wants to sue her Doctor based on an alleged transgression or violation, the case will have to be conducted and decided upon in a court of law. A Doctor's wife (under oath) can testify to her husband's conduct. She is legitimately describing what she saw while in her husband's examination room. If the case decision is being made by a jury, one can always argue that the Doctor's wife would lie to protect her husband. However, a competent judge will instruct the jury to disregard any preconceived notions or assumptions that they may establish concering the wife-husband relationship. I must add, however, that a jury may disregard the judge's instructions if this is not the first time that the Doctor is being sued for the same reason.

Can a husband who has diabetes help his wife to become pregnant?

Diabetes can cause sterility but if it has happened to you or not you need to ask your doctor.

What is the proper salutation when the husband is a doctor and the wife is not?

It would be Doctor and Mrs John Doe in most situations. If she was the Doctor it could be Mr and Doctor John Doe, but that is a bit presumptuous to use his name with her title.